Scott Rowe


Scott was born in Chicago and raised by a working class family in the Chicago suburbs. In high school he could often be found in his grandparents garage. He and his grandfather (a machinist) bought an arc welder and built a go-cart from black pipe and an old mini-bike. Before graduating high school he had rebuilt the engine of a VW bug, hoping to be a mechanic one day. However, his grandparents encouraged him to study engineering but after 3 years in the engineering program he transfered to psychology. After briefly working in head injury rehabilitation, he decided to take a job as an ATM technician. Intriqued by what he was learning, he returned to engineering school and finished with a degree in electrical engineering. Eventually, he would move to southern california and take a job as an instrumentation engineer at Boeing. Wanting to break out on his own, he attempted a web design business. but was quickly in need of a job. he accepted a position as a software developer for major technology company and relocated to northern california where he reside with his wife and 2 kids.

Interests: Enjoys mountain biking and tinkering in the garage.

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